24 March 2009

what I've been doing while my gums heal...

I cleaned out my sewing room/dumping ground and found so many items that had gone missing. Okay, some I had forgotten all about... So most of my crafting lately has been of the practical sort. I had to put together some things I was in need of. Practial things are so much better when they're pretty and homemade.
I needed a new rag bag for all the old tees that get cut up to polish knives or shoes or whatever. Maybe the silver someday?

It's a vintage sheet I've had forever and some vintage trim from Miss Amy. (Thanks again.)
Then, of course, potholders.

I can never seem to find pretty potholders around. These will do. Made with some squares from the SCRAPDOWN, and some 100% wool sweater scraps inside. How's that for recycling?

New pincushion.

Made with scraps, and big enough to hold ALL the pins. I have this bad habit of losing my pincushion. It falls of the ironing board into the abyss and I'm out buying more pins again. (Yeah, it was that bad.) I found three pincushions and one box while cleaning and had to make a home for them all. (See those upholstery and silver topped pins? They're my Nana's.)

From that, came the first fun sewing I'd done in days.

There were these little tiny scraps of pinks leftover and I thought they were so cute, I had to make a block from them. And then another. and some more. Okay, nine pink blocks later, I took a break. They're 7 1/2 inches and I am loving all the littlest scraps used. I've been planning on a pink quilt for awhile because being the only girl in the house, it'll be the one thing of mine sure to not get stolen, hehe.

Oh! And this little receipt file.

I've declared April: "No Spending Month". This is part of our little plan. I picked up the outer fabric on a rare visit to my CapeCod girlfriend. I'm in love with it. They only had fat quarters, I wish they had had it by the yard, wouldn't it make a pretty sundress? I really want to try to make a few dresses this spring. Maybe some things that will actually fit well. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

WOW now that's ambitious. I like all your pink projects. Go Girl