13 October 2008

quirky, like I said.

We only stopped at two antique shops. One was amazing and one was the damn Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone was first and I didn't bring in my camera but it was really something.

The odd man at the positively buried front desk and the music that I was sure was from a record player set the tone first. The rooms were piled so high with mostly junk, but some were set up like overcrowded rooms in a regular home. In the furthest room, that held two completely set dining tables, and was sporting some of the oldest curtains I had ever seen, I was sure a ratty old lady was about to hobble out of a darker corner and offer me tea. Forget about the falling to pieces stuffed turkey that was perched between two rooms posed like it was ready to peck your eyes. Yuck.

Some thing was just off about the whole place, which was okay in a spooky, fun to be scared kind of way. But the more we looked, the creepier it got. There was a distinct feeling of being watched and I convinced Paul to leave.

The Second was Tinker's Barn which has to be the nicest, cleanest, best organized shop I have ever been into. I wanted half of the place. The other half was things I realized I already had at home.

Okay, enough of my babble, here's the photos...

The beautiful porch.


Rolling pins!

Hankies and hotpads.

There was an entire table of pink.


The Cow Chorus. (okay, creamers.)

I had seen the same highchair earlier at the Applefest.

Look at this adorable play kitchen! It as tiny, only about eighteen inches tall and had a matching refrigerator. My mean husband wouldn't let me have it, haha.

The babydoll cabinet. Too sweet.

Okay, I told you I wanted everything there. These are less than half of the shots I took. It was terrible to have to narrow them down to just a few. I think I'll have to make a flickr set for the whole she-bang.

***** UPDATE:

I made the flickr set to hold all the thrifty things

that I cannot have......haha!

here! *****


Jessica said...

Ok, the world is just a bit too small. When on vacation, we ride our bikes to Tinker's barn all the time (like every other day). The only thing that keeps me from buying lots of stuff there is that it is positively impossible to carry it back on the bike!

Amy said...

You had me at "cow chorus".

Amy said...

Looks like tons of fun! I love places like that. The cute place anyways. Too bad you couldn't get a picture of the stuffed turkey:)

The Blonde Duck said...

The cow's chorus is so cute! I love it!

Anne said...

Oh! I think this is my all-time favorite "My Crafty Mess" entry. I love the pink glass!