12 October 2008

back to reality now

We're back from our much-deserved anniversary trip and my camera says I took two hundred and fifty four photos in less than three days. Can that possibly be normal?

Here's just a few of the gorgeous foliage we saw.

Off an exit we took by accident.


Quaker Cemetery in Grand Isle, I believe

Same cemetery.

We went to an AppleFest, visited some very, um, quirky antique stops, and indulged in some meals that are making my mouth water a second time just thinking about them.

Tons more photos this week.

Happy controversial holiday to you. (Hey, it's a day off.)


Jessica said...

I LOVE GRAND ISLAND!!! We go there every summer for vacation (except this year when I was stuck in NY working for grad school!). Those accidental exits are the best, aren't they?

Anne said...

Glad you're back! What a beautiful trip at this time of year!

Amanda said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had fun. :)