15 October 2008

I love to be outside day.

Yes, It's more Vermont.

Where I sat and chatted with Bob while Paul napped.

I love that his outfit matches the photo so well. (Yes, I dress him. )

My souvenier.

We stayed at the wonderful Thomas Mott Homestead B & B. I recommend it to anyone. It was like going to stay with family. Everyone was so friendly, we didn't want to leave. We sat out at the campfire very late on Friday because it was just like being home. And it was definitely the best breakfast I've ever had away from home. We all sat around the table for two hours on Sunday morning.

And I added more photos (from the AppleFest) to my new thrift flickr group. You can see them here.


Jessica said...

It looks like your trip was absolutely wonderful...perhaps I'll have to stay at that b & b sometime since it comes with such rave reviews!

Allison said...


Amy said...

It was a spectacular weekend in Vermont indeed!