09 October 2008


Where did this week go?
I guess it went something like this,

The wedding was amazing. Everything was perfect and beautiful.
Look at this wonderful shot of the cake in the sunset my sister-in-law got!

I decided after the Big O versus McSame debate, I'm voting for whomever presents the best casserole recipe for feeding a family of four on the cheap when there's no work to be found, with the way this country is slipping down the tubes. (That's a lie mostly. I'm voting O.)

And we've been getting ready for Halloween around here with a whole lot of frosting.

Look at the determination in that face, huh?
And tomorrow, we're off for our fifth anniversary sans children. Hopefully lots of great foliage shots to kick off next week.

Happy (Early) Weekend to everyone!

Oh and does anyone know why all of a sudden my sidebar is at the bottom of the page?


Amanda said...

Beautiful cake! I don't know why your sidebar would be at the bottom of the page...it is a "side" bar. I love that frosting picture! :)

Amy said...

hmmm. can't help you with the sidebar thing (I don't use blogger). but I do wish you a happy weekend as well.