13 August 2008

I love to be outside day

In 1990, Paul's Mother and sisters planted sunflowers in their front yard.

And have not had to since.

Every year, they let the heads fall to the ground. And what the birds don't carry away comes back up on it's own. This time of year, it's like a forest.
I love how the old bulldozer is hidden. It is the right colour after all. (and over ten feet tall for reference.) Of course, I love anytime that nature is reclaiming something that's sat just a minute too long.

And a bee. We know how I feel about bees.

And I don't know if this will be her I love to be outside post, but check out her pumpkins! I've seen plenty of climbing beans, and cukes before, but she has basketball-sized pumpkins hanging on her fence. It's amazing! I just walked around and around the garden yelling: There's another one! and Did you see this one? Like she doesn't see it everyday.....

So what do you love today?
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My Mother-in-law loves her birds!



Jessica said...

I love this time of year when you are driving along the road and you see a field of sunflowers...so many sunflowers it seems like miles on end and you just stare-until you realize you are driving and should be looking at the road. Ok, maybe that just happens to me! Those sunflowers are lovely. As an early, "I love to be outside" I went on a walk this morning as there was still dew on the ground and the air was evening crisp...Oh how I love it!

Anne said...

I love the bee, too - obviously!
I don't know if I'll be able to be outside today. I'm still really upset about those freakin' dishes... maybe a walk will make me feel better.

Amy said...

Today I especially love my neighbors. I live the proverbial stones throw from three different neighbors who I am lucky enough to consider close friends. The kind of neighbors who take things out of each other's fridges when the others aren't home. Or call from the market and ask each other if they need anything. Or call when you (hypothetically speaking) think you may have left the iron on. And today in particular having these relationships enhance my life.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos
I posted an
I love to be outside day today
I never have had good timing