12 August 2008

a glimpse of cooler weather

So on an awesome Savers trip a couple weeks ago, I scored three skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease thick and quick for $2.99. And it's been sitting on my chair watching me since.

Yesterday we had some insane, road-closing downpours so my mind turned to cooler weather and the yarn caught my eye. So I whipped up two of these simple babies.

I have grand plans to make some fab flowers out of other yarns I've thrifted. I've gotten some small balls of mohair and fine wool that would be perfect for this. I just need to find a pattern I like. I tried this one. Whose picture I loved but the pattern came out nothing like that. (I now see what went wrong.) The search continues.

And a modeled shot.

Yes, folks. That's me.

And tomorrow is I love to be outside day! post what you love about outside and leave me a comment and I'll link to you!



Katie said...

Aww, aren't you just adorable?

Katie said...


Anne said...

I love the hat.
I love the pose.
I love everything about it!

Simone said...

You make an excellent model! The hat really suits you.

Jessica said...

I love the hat! It looks great on you! I finished a similar hat this past weekend...now all I have to do is find it, take a picture, and blog about it!

countrygirl3031 said...

I love the hat...and your modeling too!!!


asti said...

Likin' it ! And nice to put a face to the blog too :) The weather's so crappy here, I've been dreaming of hats and scarves and boots too...