15 August 2008

a little bit thrifty

Just a couple shots from a recent child-free thrift trip.
Cute little mugs. The turtle one came home with me.
Some great seat cushion covers

And the coolest couch EVER! But it was already sold. It was in perfect condition, for only eighteen bucks!
My least favourite part of any thrift store is if I have to brave the ladies' room. Besides the questionable state of inside, I always worry about someone stealing my finds that I leave outside the door. The worst is guessing whether or not the lock works on the door.
No worries about that here. It was the biggest slide lock I've ever seen. with my hand for reference. I felt safe. And no one stole my goodies.

Tomorrow is International Tell a Joke Day. Anyone have a good one?


countrygirl3031 said...

OMG, you're so funny! I thought it was just me that was terrified of the bathrooms in thrift stores or goodwill. Actually, the Goodwill store is clean...but the Salvation Army one....yuck, nasty, disgusting...ewwww!


-Tee- said...

Ok - you really have to call me before you go thrifting again next time!!! I should start having only one child on Mondays soon... hehe!
BTW - the turtle mug is super cute!

Katie said...

Every other Saturday My mom and I load up the boys and go down to Goodwill for 50% off day. It's like the only thing I look forward to during the week.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who worries about people stealing my stuff. On top of that I have to take the baby in with me. The bathroom is so disgusting and doesn't have a changing table so I have to hold him with trying to pee. Their A/C doesn't quite work, so try to get my pants down with one hand over my sweaty butt is just not fun.

Am I the only one to snoop at other people's carts to see what I missed on? A couple weeks back someone had probably 400 sheets of every color felt imaginable. I was so heartbroken! But I did score 6 yards of Moda Marbles for $3 last time!

Amy said...

Too bad that couch was already sold, that is something I would have totally snatched up even if I had nowhere for it! It looks like you found some great stuff! I'm glad it's not just me about the bathroom, when I have my kids with me, I make them not touch anything, working in a grocery store for almost 9 years and using the bathroom there, it makes me realize how many people do not wash their hands, ughhh! I even use my paper towel to open the door with!

Anne said...

My heart totally hurts that the couch is taken.

Jessica said...

OOOOO, I feel the same way about thrift store bathrooms! I just love those mugs!

Regina said...

I can't believe that couch was only $18!!

cute mug!