11 August 2008


Aww, Roses for the bride-to-be...?

Not exactly. They're Undies. next time you don't know what to get for the bridal shower and don't want to go the too-sexy, Victoria's Secret, will-she-be-embarrassed-to-open-this-in-front-of-her-grandmother gift, try this.

Buy a half dozen or so pink undies. (the word 'panties' is just not right to me)
Roll them to look like rose buds and secure with and elastic.
Stick a piece of floral wire in the wrong end.
Buy a couple ferns and a spray of something smallish like baby's breath.
Wrap it all together with a couple different colours of tissue and tie with ribbon. Ta-da!

Yesterday was two showers, three brides, all kinds of happy day.
Congratulations Kathryn and Katrina and Sam!


Dawn said...

Such a cute idea!

Jessica said...

That is a great shower idea. I'm in the age when everyone, their cousin, and their goldfish walker is getting married so I'm going to use this gift idea a lot!

Anne said...

I love this!! So cute. And I agree - they are "undies" - not "panties".

Amy said...

What a fun idea. And I agree: 'panties' is silly, but 'underwear' is worse!

Cody said...

So cute! Although, I wouldn't trust myself to pick out undies for anyone else... I tend to like them bright and silly.

Simone said...

What a great inventive idea!