04 June 2008

i love to -bee- outside day

Today is rainy and messy but Sunday was beautiful and the perfect day for a swarm.
No, really. A few weeks ago we opened the hives to see that one was ready to make a split. I actually saw a queen emerging from her cell. She was wiping her head and antennae like a cat wipes it's face. Kind of cute.
Anyway, Sunday they decided it was time, and off to work we were.

Dad to the rescue!
See how thick the air was with them?
They chose an arborvitae in the front yard to collect their thoughts and we went to work.

The hum was so loud.

Moved to the new hive.

Sorry, I'm in a rush this morning. More info on Queens and swarming from pros.


Simone said...

What a lot of buzzy bees. Do they produce honey all year round or only at particular times of year?

Rachael Rabbit said...

I can not believe how brave your dad was - did anyone get stung ... terrified of bee swarms ....