05 May 2008

Making Garden Stakes on the Cheap -OR- How to Avoid Housework for a Whole Day.

It getting to be planting time around here and all I want are some pretty stakes to mark out where all my tiny seeds are hiding under the dirt. I could do the ever-popular seed packet on a stick but that's hardly pretty at all. But with funds low and pretty things being expensive, what's a thrifty girl like me to do?

Do it on the cheap of course. It goes like this:

Grab some wooden stars and a tube of E6000 glue. And a handful of decent length sticks from the back yard. (These are all from deadfalls, no trees were harmed in the making of this cheap-o project.)
Paint up the stars with some stuff you have lying around from other leftover projects. Photograph how nicely the paint complements the ad you laid out to line the table.

Stamp on some letters and put a big 'ol goober of glue on the back. Try to position the star over a little knot or branch to support it a little.Lay 'em out on the grass and admire your work.

(Optional: Stand back and curse the frost warning for putting off planting another day.)
With all the painting and drying of layers, this is a real good one for avoiding all types of washing, scrubbing, dusting and arranging for at least a whole day. And when the fam complains? Tell them they can go run around outside for awhile. (while you take photos of your magnificent creations!)


Simone said...

What a great idea! They look really good - pretty and practical at the same time!

amandajean said...

those are wonderful!