06 May 2008

And more of tuesday morning thrifting

Okay, here are the things that made the cut:

A set of vintage enamel bowls that match my mum's dishes.
Some fab mugs. We lost a few mugs over the winter, so these will be replacements.
Can you tell what my favourite colour is?Two adorable napkins which I think will be used for sewing instead of staining.This was the big ticket item of the day. I collect white statues of the Virgin Mary, (that really need a post of their own) and this is the most I've ever paid. It was ten bucks, but it's stone and beautiful and very different from all the others, and I'm weak, I had to have it.
(See my fun wallpaper?)I also got some navy bias tape which I needed, an embroidery hoop and a huge old roll of white rick rack. At least, I think it used to be white. I think the inside layers will be.

But the find of the day was this:
A marvelous vintage office chair for my computer area!
It's in practically perfect condition. And the best part is we were actually looking for a new chair. That may sound odd if you're not a thrifter, but any addict like me knows, you often bring home things you weren't actually looking for. So I'm going to recover it when I get some time and you'll all see it again then.

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g said...

I love the idea of bringing a camera to the thrift store! Although I will say that seeing your photos give me a little bit of that flutter in my stomach that I get when thrifting but I can't get anything so its kind of hard...good heavens, I'm pathetic!