03 May 2008

another oldie

I didn't manage to get any photos of my newest project because of the crummy light on a rainy day so I thought I'd show another old one. This is the first bigger thing I ever finished.

This is my cozy little shawl. It's specifically for wrapping up in the couch, but at computer seat or the dinner table are equally acceptable. I started at the tip and worked my way out to a width I thought was okay, (now I think I might have mad it bigger) and then edged it all around to look more finished. Because I was still pretty new, the edges weren't too pretty before that.

Hopefully, I'll have something new on Monday. Until then, check out these goodies:

Amy has a sweet little blanket for sale. and her always adorable pillowcase dresses for those lucky enough to have girls.

And there's some super sweet flowers to make at One More Moore if your yard isn't blooming yet.

Happy weekend!

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Kelsey Smith said...

How pretty love the colors!