15 May 2008

Collecting Elizabeths

In the past, I've become attached to some odd objects that multiply in my house: bottle caps, yellow stones. But this is new. I'm collecting Elizabeths now. Not really to keep, but to read. I only have three so far:

Making Good Use

my own little space in cyberspace (with a fab header if I do say so.)

Lizzy's Quilt Blog

So I need all of your help. Do you know of any Elizabeths that blog? Are you an Elizabeth? I'd like to add a sidebar of just Elizabeths. Comment and help me out. Thanks!

And one outside photo because I still feel guilty from yesterday!

The Lilacs are almost here!


Hazel Bee's Mom said...

My middle name is Elizabeth... does that count?

elizabeth said...

thanks for linking my blog!!! my header is actually a street sign that used to be up in biloxi before hurricane katrina. i'm glad i got that shot b/c now it shares a sign with another street (boo hiss).

i'm big into collecting "e"s and anything with elizabeth so i'll have to send ya some links.

if you want, you can email me your addy at emma81399(at)aol(dot)com and i'll send ya an "elizabeth" goodie :)

Liz said...

I'm an Elizabeth... I quilt and blog. My lilacs are way behind yours - I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

I'm an Elizabeth, too! I think I found you via Crazy Mom Quilts. I've been enjoying looking at your pictures and reading your blog.