07 May 2008

I love to be outside.

One of the most magical places I have ever been is Mashamoquet State Park in Pomfret Center, Connecticut. In addition to the beautiful trails, charming (yes I said charming) brook and incredible rainbow of mushrooms found at every turn, the place is absolutely crawling with frogs.
Dozens and dozens of frogs. Of every color and hiding in plain sight. Green frogs on slime covered rocks, brown frogs in the mud and green and brown frogs in the mulch of the trail. Iridescent frogs in shallow puddles. And you have no idea they're there until, as you walk past, a handful of them scatter. Here's a few of the disappearing babies:

Okay, the second one is easier, but here's some circles:

I can't wait to get back there now that the weather is better. Until then, Here's a few of the fab green-ness:

This birch had rotted away completely leaving only the papery bark and all sorts of moss and tiny shrooms had made home inside.

Everything is green. Not just the trees, but moss covers everything in sight.


Simone said...

I am a big fan of frogs. One jumped out of my lawn yesterday when I was mowing it! That looks like a really tranquil place to go.

Allison Fouse said...

What a magical place. You're so lucky to have all of that beauty close to home. =) The frogs are cool, and the birch tree is particularly interesting.

amandajean said...

I wasn't sure, did you want to be added to the quilt along list?