01 April 2008

a little springy-ness for a yuck-o day

It was a terribly dreary day here, and I hope it was better wherever you are but if not, I hope these great things can buoy your spirits as they did mine:

Keesha as always has some super-duper treats. vote for her on Martha's site!

doe-c-doe made an amazing transformation on one of those cheese dishes you always see at your local thrift shop that brings some storybook-perfect springtime indoors.

Crazy mom is showing off a fabulous quilt that makes me think garden by the colours.

And there's a very yummy bag at Vintage Fern for her fiftieth post giveaway. (look for my fiftieth soon!)
And more greatness at her etsy shop. Love that mushroom bag!

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Keesha aka PrissyCook said...

Wow! Lots of Link love! Thank you! BTW, I've gotten bounced back emails from you a few times. Just wanted to let you know!