29 March 2008

strawberry parfait

I was searching the basement for a certain scrap of fabric and I came across these sweet little things.
This is another OLD project. They’re strawberry sachets that I made as favors for my cousin’s baby shower before Harry was born. (It was the end of the pregnancy and I had a hard time sleeping so, of course, I was up hand-sewing at all odd hours of the night. But that’s another story altogether.)

The idea is from Martha Stewart’s pincushions, but I thought the sachets would be more fitting. They are stuffed with either peppermint or lavender and a little poly-fil for shape. I loved these fabrics so much that I made a little monster rattle for the baby out of the same tiny floral.
Monster rattle.

They were a great little find in the cellar yesterday. I hadn’t taken any for myself. I guess to make sure there had been enough to go around. And then they just got packed back up with the rest of the decorations from the day.
So now I’m off to stick one in every drawer of the house.


Simone said...

Thanks for coming to see me Elizabeth and for your kind comments. I love the strawberries! I bet your house smells lovely with the scented sachets spread around!

Anonymous said...
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