03 April 2008

recipe box swap

swap blogpost

This is for the recipe box swap over at I have to say. Check it out, The better than brownies look amazing!

I have no pretty photo to go with this and I know we’re getting to the end of soups season but we’ve had a cold around here for a good week, now so yeah. Anyway, here’s one that is LOVED in our house. It’s tasty and silly easy. I originally got it from vegweb.com and the sheet I printed out says it’s from jenny zulubeads. So, Miss Zulubeads, thank you.

Tomato and Zucchini Soup

1 T olive oil
½ c. celery chopped
3 shallots, also chopped
1 T garlic, chopped fine (or more if you like, we do.)
4 c. veggie broth
3 tomatoes, chopped
1 zucchini sliced thin
1 T tomato paste
½ tsp parsley
½ tsp cilantro
1 bay leaf
1 can beans ( I use red kidney beans, but use your favourite.)

1. Saute shallot, celery, and garlic in oil in the bottom of your stockpot.
2. Add all the other ingredients (except the beans) and sit back awhile.
Now this is where I differ from the original. She says to simmer for two hours, which reduces it to a kind of mush. I like my veg a little crunchy, so you’ll have to check it and see when it’s to your own liking.

There it is, hope you try it.


Simone said...

I love soup. I must add this one to my collection!

Mrs. Darling said...

Well zucchini season is around the corner so this would be good for then. I'll tuck it away.

My Inspired Heart said...

This sounds great...I was just saying that I wish I had more recipes for zucchini...and I already love tomato soup,so... perfect! Thanks!

Joy said...

Sounds yummy!

randi said...

This sounds great--and summery! Thanks for posting this!

Sharon said...

Ms Zulubeads had a good idea.
I agree with Randi, it sounds like it could be a summery dish also.

Thanks for sharing it.

suzof7 said...

Wow! This sounds so easy and really good!

Hurrayic said...

That soup sounds great. I'll have to try it. I had to laugh at your description in the sidebar ~ crafting that's taken over~ I know that too well. Thanks for visiting my blog.