29 March 2008

snuggly sick day

Remember this little hex from January? Well, I finally finished all it's brother and sisters and put 'em all together.
And just in time:
That's right. You can't come into my house today unless you're wearing polka-dot pants or dinosaur jammies. No, But my little blankie has gotten a lot of love since daddy brought home a cold a few days ago. It's small, but I decided I don't like the word lapghan, so we've named it a Halfghan. I'll post some better shots as soon as I feel well enough to get out into the sunshine.
Today has mostly been protecting daddy from the snookie nose boy, protecting snookie boy from his toys who have been playing rough today, and protecting the baby from himself. He hasn't fined tuned those motor skills yet and can get the binky out, but not back into his mouth again.
All with a tissue stuck up my sleeve.

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Cheryl A said...

Haha! I caught myself putting tissues up my sleeve on the weekend. Oh, how we turn into our mothers. Shoot me if I ever lick my thumb to wipe my baby's face!