31 January 2008

first crochet dilemna of the year

A funny coaster? No, It's the first block, actually hexgon, of the first afghan that I am really going to finish. First I saw Vanna's pattern for this afghan in the new Lion Brand catalog and fell in love. Then I spent the night drooling over other peoples granny squares on their blogs. So I vowed to make something, anything big enough to sit under for movie night (which, yes, is everynight lately.) My heart swelled. A rescue to all the odd colours that I buy with no project in mind. A purging of the stash. It will be a beautiful thing! A rainbow of cuddly warmth!

The problem is, I'm a Virgo. Now generally I don't follow horoscopes, etc, but this is the one truth to me. I crave perfection. (I'm often disappointed) So I want something that I will want to cuddle under for years to come because not only is it comfy, but beautiful. Which in my twisted virgo mind, means colour coordinated.

Well, that blows that big idea.... So which colours to go with?

the pillow cover that I made for the rocker by the bookcase is a nice sage and cream

and that would match well to the browns and aquas in the bedroom.

To be honest those are the colours I go to most in decorating, crochet, papercrafts.....notice the new header?

but then there's this fabulous birthday dishtowel. It's fun and kiiiind of close to the others.

What's an obsessive virgo with a hook to do ?

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