01 February 2008

photoless ramblings

Well, I had every intention of posting some yarn swatches of colours I chose and a shot of my green fingers resulting from the box of art supplies my brother generously handed down to me(complete with one rogue open-topped marker) but alas, the quality of the photos was poo and said brother borrowed the camera to go to the fights tonight.
The gist of it all goes something like: I chose mostly colours from my stash to try to be cost effective in this. It's a nice sage, aqua, and cream to go with the dark brown I showed before, and it will all go together with taupe. Not very daring.
I brought the cream yarn over to mum's to occupy myself today but finished up those pretty quick. However, the hexes are rather cute done two rounds shorter than the ones I'm making now. And then I remembered this gorgeous afghan that I spied in the Garnet Hill catalog. So there's afghan goal number two for the year.
We shall see.

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