15 February 2008

Odd recipe

Okay, it’s not as pretty as Bakerella’s amazing rose cupcakes, or these luscious looking bites at posie gets cozy,

But here it is.

I made pickled eggs today. We get more eggs than we need from WIC, and no one really wants to take them off our hands lately. The grandparents keep chickens and are always offering more as it is.

I was thinking they were early Easter eggs, but we decided that they are in fact Valentine eggs, they’re pink after all.
Anyway, here’s the poorly written recipe from my notebook for anyone else who might enjoy them. I have no idea where it’s originally from.

Put as many eggs as you want into a heavy bottomed sauce pan and just cover with water. I used twenty. Salt heavily to loosen shells.

Bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat and boil fifteen minutes. Remove from heat and run under cold water.
Shell eggs and place in your pickling jar or what have you. Compost your shells and use recycled jars if you can.
Naked eggs

Cover with water an inch or so from the top of the jar.
Remove eggs and measure water.
This is the number you need to know. You need three parts red wine vinegar to one part water. (It took four cups to cover twenty eggs, so three cups of vinegar and one cup water) Put the vinegar and water back in the saucepan. Bring to a boil with one clove of garlic and four whole peppercorns, simmer five minutes.

Place eggs back into the jar and pour the vinegar mixture over them. Cover tightly and let cure one week. They’ll turn reddish in the end. Open once a day to release pressure. Shake the jars a little, too. The places that press against the jar won’t change colour and that freaks some people out. If you move them a bit it’s less likely.

WARNING: this may make your house smell like vinegar for a bit. Boil some water with some whole cloves for awhile and it’ll clear out.

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