16 February 2008


We had another baby shower today, and I had a blast decorating cupcakes for the event. Harry spent the night with the grandparents, so the house had a tad less chaos than average. Normally I stress myself out trying to make things ‘perfect’. This time I just went about my way and did as I pleased and I love how they all look. Like a very happy child did them.

Some of them remind me of these fungi by heidi.
And what are those little paper tabs, you may ask. Well, my mum bought me this great cupcake carrier for Christmas that has a lock that I actually trust. It holds two layers, one over another and the top (the red pan) is shallow, so you can put decorated cakes in and pick them back out without ruining your work. But, the bottom layer is a pan you can use in the oven, so it's deep and I didn't know how I was going to put in the decorated ones and get them out respectably. And then, tada! the paper strips. I just cut some plain notebook paper down into inch-ish strips and put them under each cake so I could just lift them out all safe and sound. Yay! (yeah, I don't get out much.) Anyway, I was thrilled

the colourful mess.

sprinkles and m & m s

The biggest surprise was this. I'm a huge fan of the box cake mix + can of soda recipe on account of the pancreas, so I thought nothing of trying it today with an angel food cake mix, and Whoa! I was amazed. The batter was so thin, like water. It made twenty four cupcakes, a nine inch round and I had to just toss some on because of time, but....

They came out like little clouds! So ridiculously light and fluffffy. they even looked cloud-like. This shot does it no justice. you'll have to take my word for it.


Anonymous said...

wow clouds is right, tasty clouds!

Cheryl A said...

I made my valentine's cupcakes with the same papers!