13 February 2008

flags of our crocheters

there's no denying it, I'm kind of a packrack.

Not the rooms full to the gills, fire hazard type. I just like to save things. Anything that I think it would be a terrible waste of material to toss. Mix that with an insane love of sushi and this is what I end up with:

A drawer full of those cheapie chopsticks. This isn't isn't even that many. You should see my soy sauce packet collection.

But what to do with them. Stake plants? Carve into elaborate hair sticks? Glue together to make trivets?

And then it hit me. Tada!

When I roll yarn into a ball to use, I have this habit of losing the original tag or label that reminds me what kind it was to begin with. So now I have these handy dandy yarn flags. They're said chopsticks with some pretty paper. Silly easy, super practical. I write the brand, colour and fiber type on them and Voila! Instant gratification organizing.

I think I might put the ends in the pencil sharpener and sand them a bit to make them smoother.

More fun ideas for those little buggers clogging up your drawers:

There's some nifty lamps here.
And there's this really cool, easy looking bowl.

What do you do with yours?

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