12 February 2008

I just had to go back to the island

Paul and I had a very special day yesterday. A no child day! I adore my children but everyone needs a break sometime. There was an errand to be run on Martha’s Vineyard, and we were offered the job and babysitting services. Really?!
We had to deliver a few things but then we had the whole afternoon to ourselves. We went to Natural Food Barn in Vineyard Haven which I had never been to before but what a treat! I think it’s always good to know what everyplace carries. Not all natural food stores are created equal, but this one was awesome. Lots of tinctures and herbs, coffees, makeup and bee products. Everything you could think of from miso soup to raw nuts. The best being Paul’s reaction to the word Tofurkey.
I got a marvelous bar of organic chocolate called Dagoba, see:
Am I the last person on earth to discover these? It was dark and bitter and yummy. It could have had a few more of those advertised seeds but, hey. Paul got his old standby of Green and Black’s Milk chocolate.

The best find however was some Stevia tea.
I haven’t ever seen it in stores around home so I was excited to check it out. I first heard of Stevia from the Cheap Vegan some years ago but didn’t pursue it due to well, laziness I guess. This package says you can tear open the little bags and use it straight but I’m going to do some research first, I’d hate to waste it.

We picked up a pair of earring for Dad for Mum for Valentine’s and headed off to lunch at David Ryan’s where we saw this:

It was the first thing I saw when I picked up the menu. It screamed off the page at me.
And Paul ordered it. Here it is:

Yes, that’s a beer battered bacon and cheddar hot dog. Blech. If you thinks that’s awful, this is the inside:

I had an amazing Seafood Puttanesca, huge, but did I take a photo of that? No, I was preoccupied with the horrifying fried meat.

Paul had had about enough by that point so I did a few of my favourite shops on my own and found a book I wanted for Harry at Rainy Day. A Clam named Sam. I love it. Unfortunately, they didn’t take my AmEx and with my wallet far away in the car I had to leave it behind. (frown)
But we napped in the truck for the trip back and came home to fed, changed, happy boys.

And this is what I will dream of tonight:

One more: Can you see the squirrel in this shot?

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Cheryl A said...

That Dagoba chocolate is the best! I like the one with nibs and chili/cayenne...