29 May 2011

the 99/100 project!

99/100 challenge!

Tada! Introducing another one of my lame-brain ideas!

Just kidding, this one is actually good!

There are 99 days from Memorial Day (tomorrow) and Labor Day.

In that time, me and the amazing Tee are going to run 100 miles together. (Get it? 99/100!)

It works out to a tiny bit more than a mile a day, 7.14 miles a week, that should be easy beans, right? Well, add in full time jobs, two husbands, four kids, two dogs and now it's starting to sound like more of a challenge, huh?

We'll post our runs, our progress, and probably whine a little bit too, and wrap it all up Labor Day weekend with a 5K for family and friends to benefit a local food pantry. ( but more on that another time)

But I'm not here to brag about all the super-amazing running we'll be doing or how *smokin' hot* we're going to look by September. No, I'm here to drag you along with me!


Yes! I'm putting this out there to anyone who needs a goal, to anyone who thinks that 100 miles is no sweat, anyone interested in having a really awesome accomplishment to brag about at their Labor Day barbecue. Maybe you've been thinking about starting to run anyway? (Consider it, okay?)

If you click on the logo, you can get over to flickr and grab it for your own blog. Then lay out your running shoes for tomorrow morning. If you do join in, LET US KNOW! We'd love to hear all about it.

I'm going to start a participant list on the sidebar over there, so we can all check in and watch each other's journeys. Projects are so much more fun in a group anyway.

So think about it! And check back in here and with Tee to see if we can make it.

Only 99 days to go.

UPDATE: Okay, a friend brought this up, Cycling totally counts! If you hate to run but deeply love your bike, go for that instead! 100 miles is the goal, get there how you can. Run, walk, cycle, (rollerblade, anyone?) hey if you can swim it, that's AMAZING! Just get out there and get your 100!


Jill said...

I'll try!

So, is this just running or does swimming and biking count, too? I'm doing 1/2 mile/week in the water, and 6-7 miles on the bike. Not sure I can fit in the run mileage before my Triathlon on July 2nd... but, if not, maybe I can make up the miles AFTER the tri.

Laura said...

Love the idea! Going to work out the mileage in kilometres since that's what I go by. But 100 in 99 sounds impressive!

Anonymous said...

Go Girls...I'll be the cheering section and baby sitter.