23 November 2012

trail time.

We've been spending a lot of time in the woods.

I just can't help snapping some shots, it's all so beautiful. I love the harsh autumn light.

This blue one is actually a reflection. It was SO clear that day.

And my dog has perfect camouflage for this time of year on the trail:

See? Crazy dog.

And then Hurricane Sandy dropped this on our favorite trail….

We climbed around, it was cool. 

It sounds weird, but I love the smell of the forest right now, everything bedding down for winter's rest. I can't wait to see how it all looks again under a blanket of snow.

12 October 2012


this turned into a pinterriffic post…..

Source: 9gag.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest

kills me. for real.

This is what I want for my anniversary. Which was yesterday. Nine years!!


Is it just my kids? or yours too?
Every pair of pants in the laundry has one leg inside-out. Why…?

I walked by the pretty-coloured spray paint display at Michael's and now I'm obsessed. I pulled an old dirty million year-old step stool from the cellar and can't decide which shade to choose. Any opinions? I like Ivy Leaf, but that Catalina Mist is kind of my go-to shade for everything…..

These are a great quick project to keep the kids quiet while trying to throw dinner together. Why is that always the whiniest time of day?

I know it's early but I have like a squillion things I want to bake for the holiday fair at school. Seriously, who could possibly walk past these?

Do you read Pip? She's so stink in' cute. And her stuff over at just b. kills me. I may never have to think of a dinner or gift idea or anything creative on my own again. Seriously, I think this is my menu for the next two weeks….

Also, this is my first ever post from the new Apple.  pretty sweet. A world away from the last computer. I can listen to music AND type a post AND have link windows open AT THE SAME TIME? wicked sweet.

I meant to add some of my own photos to this post but if I say I'll just save it and add them later, this will NEVER get posted. So… next time then, okay?

25 March 2012

it's Vaffeldagen and you need this recipe!

Okay, so y'all know I collect silly holidays and when I saw Vaffeldagen ( Waffle Day) I knew we'd be celebrating that one for sure.

I used this recipe from The Heavy Table. (there's a little history there too.)

(photo from The Heavy Table)

Oh my, they're so great. They don't need cream and strawberries and powdered sugar, but hey, who am I to question tradition? The boys had theirs with a ton of butter and syrup and declared them a keeper. I'm psyched because they don't taste like just another bland carb breakfast. They're sweet and eggy and the spice, oh my! Did I say' Oh my' yet?

Seriously, go make these right now. You can thank me in the comments, haha!

ps: I doubled the recipe and got 12 little waffles using a side by side that makes two at a time.

(pps: this makes new food number 7 behind: my SIL"s new bread recipe, Tikka Masala, Blue Marlin, Bunapi Mushrooms, Kumquat, and Rambutan. See all my challenges for the year here. And yes, the list is still lacking, suggestions SO appreciated.)

04 March 2012

a whole month?!

what I've been up to:

* PTO - ing like a mad woman. yes, really. someone's got to do it. I'm working with another Mom to build a school library. Can you believe the school had NO library?

* trying to read something for myself. this actually.

* working on a baby blanket like this one. But in white, coffee, pink and berry colours.

I'm loving working up the pattern and how quickly a baby blanket comes together. My other project right now is HUGE. like double sized bed huge. Remember this one? yeah, I still haven't finished it yet.....

* falling woefully behind on laundry (and my google reader) and housework in general. sigh.

* very much missing my bloggy buddies all over place. If I haven't been commenting, I'm wicked sorry.

Here's to March being a better bloggy month. In the meantime wish me luck with this library project, it's waaay bigger than both of us expected.

29 January 2012

weekend snack

I so want one of these!

cutest hat in the history of the world!
I really do need to learn to knit, we need these for our weekend hikes. and by we I mean I

And how brilliant are these best of my days books? I think they're positively adorable and they're free to download right now. I think they'd be a great gift, who cares if January is almost done, add it to the back of the pile, haha! Nevermind, how pretty is her banner? too pretty.

What are you drooling over today on the webs?

19 January 2012

.....la la la la laaaa.....

we're having a sick day here at the messy house.
here's a few mixes we're enjoying, maybe you'll enjoy them too.

my heart sounds like a ukulele. from madaface on 8tracks.

Pure Lyrical Brilliance. from everythingislost on 8tracks.

Lift Up Your Mood from katarina_abc on 8tracks.

do you do 8tracks? do make mixes or just enjoy everyone else's like me?
if you mix, comment with your link, please? so I can come hear your stuff. ; )

18 January 2012

this affects YOU.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

This affects everyone who uses the internet.

Click here
to voice against this censorship.
It's easy and takes less than a minute, even if you type slow like me.

14 January 2012

hey there! hello?

I just read over at (in)courage that...

today is National Delurking Day!

which means if you read here and have never commented,
or maybe don't comment often, today is your day!
want to say hi for the first time? or just the first time in awhile?

I'd love to meet you!

I'm off to leave some comment love out there in the blogosphere.

13 January 2012

weekend snack, if you will.

umm, yes please.

I SO wish I had a South-facing wall for this!

Oh my goodness.....




Happy weekend, loves.

11 January 2012

January 11 is International Thank You Day


to everyone who has ever taken a moment
to leave a comment here.
It really means a ton to me, truly.

and THANK YOU for having your own awesome blog that I love.

and THANK YOU for inspiring my creativity and
making me take on new ideas.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!