25 March 2012

it's Vaffeldagen and you need this recipe!

Okay, so y'all know I collect silly holidays and when I saw Vaffeldagen ( Waffle Day) I knew we'd be celebrating that one for sure.

I used this recipe from The Heavy Table. (there's a little history there too.)

(photo from The Heavy Table)

Oh my, they're so great. They don't need cream and strawberries and powdered sugar, but hey, who am I to question tradition? The boys had theirs with a ton of butter and syrup and declared them a keeper. I'm psyched because they don't taste like just another bland carb breakfast. They're sweet and eggy and the spice, oh my! Did I say' Oh my' yet?

Seriously, go make these right now. You can thank me in the comments, haha!

ps: I doubled the recipe and got 12 little waffles using a side by side that makes two at a time.

(pps: this makes new food number 7 behind: my SIL"s new bread recipe, Tikka Masala, Blue Marlin, Bunapi Mushrooms, Kumquat, and Rambutan. See all my challenges for the year here. And yes, the list is still lacking, suggestions SO appreciated.)


Anonymous said...

OOH! so delicious looking. I did make Martha Stewarts easiest bread ever recipe today. Also a pistachio honey cake topped with strawberries and cream of coarse. It's a new recipe from Maine.

Liesl said...

I can't remember the last time I ate a waffle! And I've never made waffles...do you usually put sour cream in them? Because that sounds like it'd make them pretty delicious.

And seriously do try that whiskey cake I posted about. So simple and so good!