02 December 2011

It's Countdown time!

advent calendar 011

The Calendar is hung, the pockets are full and this mama has some work to do! There's a whole lot of merry making to get on this month!

Last year I listed our activities, so I thought I would again just in case anyone is looking for suggestions. And of course I'm always looking for more bright ideas!

1. Bake a Pie! I mistakenly read somewhere that it was National Pie Day. Oh well, it's always a good day for pie.
2. Make Paper Ornaments. these look good. and these. and these. which are actually super easy.
3. Holiday Ham and Bean supper at a local Catholic School. Supporting the school and getting to see their favourite (only boy) cousin.

4. Christmas Parade!
5. Get a Christmas Tree.
6. Write to our Sponsor Child, Karthik.
7. Make Cards for all our family and friends.
8. AHA Night downtown.
9. Bake a snowman cake. I'm thinking more like a banana or pumpkin bread this year. loaded with dried fruit and nuts. Almost fruitcake?
10. Birthday Party.

11. Buy food to donate to the local shelter. Add some of those handmade cards to the bag too.
12. Take a ride to go see all the lights.
13. National Cocoa Day! Make coca from scratch and watch polar Express. Yay for this scene!
14. Build a gingerbread house with Uncle Regis.
15. Make salt dough ornaments.
16. LaSalette!
17. Breakfast with Santa at Harry's school.

18. Buy pet food to donate to the Animal Rescue League. And more of those cards in the bag here too.
19. Umm, wait I don't seem to have a 19....really....? suggestions?
20. Make s'mores!
21. National Flashlight Day! I didn't know there was such a day, but the boys have loved this day every year, getting to run around the backyard in the cold dark is just the bee's knees to them.
22. Color and cut out a Nativity scene and read the Christmas Story.
23. Bake cookies for Santa
24. Party with all the family!!
25. Jesus' Birthdaaaaaaay!

So that's our plan. Do you have a special night or activity in your future?


Rachael Rabbit said...

I'm counting down to our first family holiday planned for March of next year ... I haven't been on holiday with the hubby since 2006!

Torie Jayne said...

Cute calendar!
Have a sweet day!