08 December 2011

I sat down to try to write a blog post this morning and couldn't think of a single interesting thing to say.
So I walked away and started the first load of laundry for the day.
And tackled an enormous pile of dishes.

And then I knew what I needed to write about.


Gallons and gallons of it. Running down the drain as I'm rinsing my glasses, spinning out of boys' dirty socks.

Clean, safe water has to be the number one thing we Americans, and most developed countries I suppose, take for granted. More than enough to drink. to cook. wash my too many dishes, my family's too much clothes. To fill the tub all the way up whenever we want a nice long soak.

Lack of basic sanitation is the cause of 80% of sickness and disease for the
1 BILLION people without access to clean, safe drinking water.*

So in this special season, please consider these organizations for your giving. And since chances are you're doing some shopping anyway, go see all the wonderful things in their shops.

* Water 4 Christmas.
the most adorable Africa tees for kids are in their etsy shop!

* charity: water.
their shop has some awesome tees even the hippest teen or most discriminating husband would wear.

Please, click on over and see how easy it is to help.

Clean water changes lives.

(* source: Water 4 Christmas. )

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