02 July 2011

we're back!

99/100 challenge!


After three weeks, Me and Tee are back on track with five miles these past two days! Okay, five isn't a ton but after three weeks off, we were taking it kind of easy, playing it safe. We're so old! But we are now up to 19.1 miles!

We would've been adding a couple more today but someone (okay, me) had an alarm clock issue and slept late. oops.
So Monday we're back on full schedule, busting butt! LOL

64 days to go and we're so excited! Remember there's a little donate button over there on the sidebar if you'd like to join our cause for The Shepherd's Pantry.

And our participants are doing awesome as well!

Jill is up to 32.2 miles at last count! And Laura is at 20! Plus They've both had Triathlons in between, aren't they something? You should click over and give them a virtual pat on the back if you have a minute, they deserve it!

How about you? Are you keeping up with us, working for a goal? How are you and the family getting out and about this July?

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