11 July 2011

30 before 30:: books!

random dog photo from my phone...


( I am going insane without my camera, just saying...)

Oh my goodness, halfway through July and I'm only at 9 books! really?!

I did lose a lot of time trying to read Pride and Prejudice. I tried. Oh how I tried! really tried. I just couldn't do it. I got more than three quarters through and had to put to down when I realized I had given up reading and was mostly just scanning. I tried. My sister in law is thrilled that I'll watch the movie with her now. All 12 million hours of it, haha! Wish me luck!

I just finished up The Gravedigger's Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates. And it was a bit dark, as most of her things are dark-ish in a real kind of way. The dirty side of real. I do recommend it, though. It was similar to The Falls. Have you read that one?

Anyhow, now I'm looking onto the next one.

Maybe you have a great beach read?
Something hilarious you have poolside?
Just had a great literary quickie?

tell me! tell me!

What are you staying up late reading?


Debi said...

Anything by Jodi Picoult, Debbi Macomber or Kristin Hannah. Good luck!

-Tee- said...

wow... I think you like the pressure of a deadline!! We also only have 56 days to complete 80.8miles! lmao

I'm going to mapmyrun the bike trails at the campground :)

I'm thinking even if we're walking them with the family, we're going to be doing a LOT of miles!!!!

Jill said...

Matt has asked me to read two William Gibson books... Neuromancer & Count Zero. Pretty cool cyberpunk stuff.

BUT... I think you would LOVE my Book Club book, "Forgotten Garden" - I'll loan it to you as soon as we get thru the July meeting (I'm leading the discussion). Very fun story.

One thing I don't understand... I can't believe you don't love P&P. I loved it! The end really makes the whole book. If you'd like, I can bring you "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies". You might like that version better... Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy battle the undead while flirting with each other. Good stuff!

See you soon.