08 June 2011


So remember when I said we were running 100 miles in 99 days and you all just shrugged and thought, that's not so far, that's no challenge, and all the like? (Well maybe you didn't but some people I know did...)

And I said, there would be obstacles to make this a challenge, not just a goal? Well, here is the first big one: Tee's gall bladder.
The challenge is big, not her gall bladder.
Her gall bladder is gone.

And the Almighty Doctors say she can't run for ..... three to four weeks!? So basically, until July, y'all.

So, that's 100 miles in 71 - 78 days.

That's 67 more days to to 86 miles, well that doesn't sound too bad. 9 1/2 miles per week is doable, right?

This doesn't get you off the hook, however. It just gives you the upper hand, time to be racking up the miles while we're walking laps around the park.

We are so glad we were overzealous last week and got 14 miles in! phew!

I just have to keep reminding myself of the goal for Shepherd's Pantry, that this is not for us, and be prayerful about it.

Wish us luck.

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-Tee- said...

Fortunately, we are up for the challenge!! I keep looking at my bike. Should be able to start biking and walking in a couple of days :) But we aren't counting those miles... just staying in shape for when we kick it up again! Thanks for sticking with me!!!