14 February 2011

Happy V-Day!

roses feb 2011

What I learned this Valentine season:

Paul's chocolates

1. I'm completely addicted to making candy. Mom's chocolate covered cherries,( hiding in the bottom layer) peanut butter balls with crushed pretzels on top, oh my! and of course Randi's Caramels. Chocolate dipped this time. And I'd still like to make some of these little mints. Little pastels for Easter. bunny shaped perhaps?

And how pretty is this tin? I grabbed it up thrifting for a quarter or something. It was for me at first but then there was no way Paul's chocolates were going to fit into the dinky little tin I had gotten at Michael's...

2. Cake pops are deceivingly hard to make, I had to freeze mine and still some fell apart, but they are so worth it! yummers! Red velvet inside and hot pink vanilla....

3. Wear gloves when trying to dye fondant red. Really.

fondant roses lined up

4. Nothing snazzes up a cake like forty tiny roses. ( And snazzes is the verb form of snazzy. yes, really. )

Roses and Heart cake 20111

heart cake insides

(Cake idea from i am baker)

pink and chocolate

5. Pink and brown together make me stupid happy.


swirly chocolate

6. Holiday clearance never fails me. I picked up these silicone cupcake-ers last year cheapcheap at Joann's and they certainly came in handy this year. Just looking at them makes me smile.

Peppermint heart Lolli

7. These are a great big boy project. ( some directions here.) I let H cut the candy canes out of their wrappers with scissors. He stirred the melting chocolate and got to do the sprinkles. What more could a four year old ask for? He's all kinds of excited to hand them out to "people we love".

Hope your day is full of: ell, oh, vee, eee: LOVE!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Debi said...

Everything looks so yummy... Happy Valentine's Day!

affectioknit said...

Just AWESOME! Happy Valentines Day!

Jessica said...

That cake is heavenly!!!
I have a wedding shower to plan in the next couple of months...and all these heart goodies will surely inspire(if not make an appearance!)

Cheryl Arkison said...

That cake!

Jill said...

oh my.. I think I just gained 5 pounds looking at your blog!

Amy said...

That cake is the cutest, I love it!