24 January 2011

Monday morning love

winter dinner

Things I just happen to be loving right now:

*All the chopping and prep and planning dinner all day for winter meals.

winter warm up tea

*Tasty special winter teas.( Winter Warm up from Farmacy Herbs in RI)

*People reaching out through crochet. Click to get more info On Sarah London's Crochet a Rainbow project, helping victims of the recent floods in Australia. This will be my project for Old Ladies' Club this week for sure. ( more on Old Ladies' Club another time...)

*My little boy is FINALLY potty training!!!! (I know, you really don't need to know that, but I'm immeasurably happy, I was ready to teach him to change himself!)

* A Prairie Home Companion's Annual Joke episode. Did you listen in? I did. And yes, I sat with a notebook in hand, scribbling madly, haha!

* And all the beauty, photos and words, at The Girl Who Married a Bear. Seriously,I want to live on that beautiful island, you will too.

ps - Not loving: my poor, sad, raw nose, resulting from blowing it a thousand times today. ( frowny face here....haha!)


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're sniffly; feel better!

Christy said...

Hey there hope you're feeling better! That tea blend looks amazing.

Dee Light said...

Let's hear a cheer for Potty Training! I'm so happy my youngest is finally completely out of diapers. Definitely something to be thankful for :) Hope you feel better soon.