08 December 2010

flashlight time! !

flashlight time 1

it's a favourite around here. after dinner, in the cold.

seeing the backyard with new eyes.

searching out anything that's still surviving the weather change.

flashlight time 2

And a little night work of course.

flashlight time 1

And coming back in to these still warm.

Espresso shortbread

Espresso shortbread found at sweet tidings.

Espresso shortbread

Mmmmm. make these. they're easy and awesome.


kate of here we are together said...

That shortbread looks great! My little ones have been requesting walks in the dark for a while now, thank you for the reminder, we might just have to find some time for that tonight, it looks like you had lots of fun!!

Mona Reva said...

love me some shortbread :)