28 February 2010

back at it.

new granny a day 002

new granny a day 004

I'm grannying away again.

I need a hundred grannies to make this blanket. It'll be all bright and spring-y like. And I could use some spring-y right now thankyouverymuch.

My biggest thing with trying to crochet a large project is figuring out colours, I always WAY over-think it and get bored before I'm too far into it. This one, I just picked out four colours at a time that I liked and made a few, then picked out four more, made a few more and I'm going on in that way for now.

I always love bright busy blankets like this one by Pip..

or this one by Gertie P?

Oh and these lovely sunburst grannies I'm seeing all over the place...I'm sure I started some of those last summer...?

And while we're talking about colours; how about this bag?! I think I'm in looooooove... ( yeah, I just used a semi-colon.)


Allison said...

Oh yea, that bag is cuteness central. Make me one, k? ;)

Anna said...

have fun playing with colours. I enjoy picking a few colours then picking a few more - leads to creative choices

Jill said...

Go Go Semi-colon!

Great Grannies, too!

Jessica said...

I love those grannies!!!

Amy said...

Oh I love your granny squares!
I am going to learn on Thursday how to granny and I am super excited!

Your blanket will be so colorful
and happy!

Karen said...

i want to learn how to do this but i think i am too stupid for knitting

Amanda said...

LOVE - I want to learn how to make granny squares so badly!!!

Karen said...

ok - I am ready to learn this - I am over my I am too stupid and I am onto "I think I can"

How do I start?

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