18 December 2009

counting down.

We've been having a ton of fun with the activities in our advent calendar!

We've been searching church fairs for treasures, ( and bake sale tables!)

december 052

made some cute cards, and secret gifts,

december 063

and of course had to get to the cookie swap!

december 085

and I thought we'd try some applesauce dough ornaments...

salt and cinnamon dough 005

And people, that is some seriously sticky dough! too sticky for the two and three year olds I was hoping to use it with for sure. But it was already made so I floured myself all up and rolled out some little men to send out for Christmas and tie onto packages. And the house did smell great all day.

salt and cinnamon dough 001

The little ones got salt dough instead. And we all had way more fun than expected. There were little men and stars and trees. A playground and a, er, odd-shaped snowman.

These are the only two I could save from my guys before they got squished down into something else! Harry's Man and Will's star.

salt and cinnamon dough 007

salt and cinnamon dough 008

My man cracked and now looks more like a skeleton than anything merry.

salt and cinnamon dough 009

not to be confused with my sugar cookie zombie at all.

cookie decorating 008

I couldn't help myself ;)