02 September 2009

party all week

Thank you so much everyone for all the nice birthday wishes. I've been having a great week with dinners out and lunches on the water, thrifting and girls' night and, oh my, now a little getaway with my hubby. (Off to see Matt and Jill!)

stuff 275
Let me tell you, I spent the whole day crocheting under a tree. I'm rippling now, in green and blue for Harry.
stuff 323

I was thinking it would give me something to do on the very long drive, but I don't have enough yarn! What to do? Grab some of the stash and make up something new of course! One can never have too many afghans.
stuff 310

The boys played like angels all afternoon and I got to pick some gigantic pumpkins and butternut squash from the garden. It almost makes me worried that tomorrow will be terrible to make up for all today's pleasantness. But let's not think like that...
stuff 302

I'll be back in a few with stories of New York. And some photos of my new kitchen maybe? And how about a few more nut-so ideas running around in my head?
Happy holiday weekend all!


Karen said...

LOVE that afghan - glad you had such a nice day!
Hope you have a wonderful time in NY, be sure to take lots of pictures.
Waiting for the kitchen photos!

Cheryl Arkison said...

New kitchen? Lucky you.
Sounds like you are having some simply lovely times.

Jessica said...

Last week I spent a bunch of hours knitting under a tree--perfect, I say!