06 September 2009

home again

Oh what a week!

We got to take a very long drive out to some great friends and oh boy we didn't want to leave.

Ladies thrifting and shopping and lunching and cooking and the men playing with new (giant) tools and grilling and so much laughing. ( Jill had the biggest burger in the history of the world! )

Matt and Paul and Powerhammer

the biggest burger ever

hard worker

the wooly lamb yarn shop

heaveny hash cake

Come on, who would want to leave with birthday cakes like this?

yum, free food!

moss by the bridge

They have the most beautiful, well maintained forestry right by them that I think I could have just laid down and stayed in for the two days. Look at all the beauty just on this one stump. It's a tiny forest of it's own.

tiny forest

And this humongous fungus! that's my foot there, can you believe the size of this thing?

Mega Fungus

And I found a beautiful vintage quilt! And we ate like kings. And did quite a bit of work on another ripply afghan. Show you tomorrow! Hope everyone's long weekend was just as great!


Cheryl Arkison said...

Being Canadian that doesn't look like THAT long of a drive! But it sure looks like a wonderful trip.

What is that plant with the berries?

Jill said...

We've finally recovered from our cases of too-much-fun-itis. Can't wait to make the llllooooonnnnggggg drive out your way soon. Looks like early October might be in the cards. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had tons of fun
I like the map with the note inside