24 August 2009

It's been a colourful couple of days, outside and poolside.

With lots of yummy eats (home cooked, gourmet dinner with friends!)and a bouquet that will get a post all it's own.

And these.

yellow tomatoes

And these.


To make this yummo grilled sandwich.


Did I mention the kittens? Look at these kittens.



There's five in the barn at the farm and they're really just too much. They're so lovey and cuddly and it really takes all my strength to not put one and each pocket and bring them home.

And, get this, I actually got to crafting. I know, right?

pillow cover from vintage sheets

I finally got to finish this pillow cover whose top I started, oh...two months ago. It's vintage sheets and pillowcases and a little new stuff to add some contrast.

I wanted to crochet Sunday but my bag went missing from it's home. Poof. gone. To be found this morning, ready? on TOP of the armoire in the living room. What?

The wonders never cease at the messy house...


affectioknit said...

I love the yellow tomatoes and the yellow pillow and the kitties...

Jill said...

OMG... those kitties. I'm SO temped to tell you to bring one with you next week.... oh, if we didn't have mastiffs!

Love the pillow, btw. I think I need a (new) sewing machine.

Karen said...

OK that's IT! I am coming to visit. Save me a samich (sandwich) por favor.


Allison said...

Mmmmmm. There's nothin' like yeller tomatoes and little bitty kitty feet. I love them both. And nice job on that pillow. It looks fantastic!

Mona Reva said...

i want that yellow kitty!

Anonymous said...

Had to say, I have that same sheet w/large yellow,orange and green flowers. I've been thinking about making a quilt with it. Now I feel more inspired seeing your pillow. Love it.

Beata said...

Mmmm.... love the pillow... makes me think of summer -- Oh, I wish summer wasn't ending!