25 August 2009

I feel like Lucy*

Here's the thing that made my day Sunday. Better than yellow tomatoes. And not much beats a fresh yellow tomato in my house.

three dollar bouquet

All those beautiful brights. And this orange one that is like a bouquet within a single flower with all the little tinies.

three dollar bouquet

three dollar bouquet

I was loving all that dapple-y sunlight under the tree.

three dollar bouquet

Snapdragons! I love that you can squeeze them and they open up to talk. Paul got a kick out of that.

three dollar bouquet

three dollar bouquet

Unfortunately they sat in the heat of the farm for a bit too long and even in water. So they're not quite as wonderful today. So I'll sit back and enjoy these photos until Saturday when I can scoop up another bunch!

* Lucy from Attic24 always has the prettiest bouquets in her posts...


Cheryl Arkison said...

Man, I'm coming over this Sunday if I can get one of those too!

Debi said...

Wonderful pictures... thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

What kind of flowers are the puffy ones, this is so very pretty!

elizabeth said...

I think they're a type of Mum?