10 August 2009

buying stolen goods

I talked Paul into going to a rummage sale Saturday morning and there were a ton of great finds, one of the best being a bag of vintage silver for three measly dollars. Yes ma'am, I'll take it. Thank you.

I have some sort of unhealthy attraction to vintage silver. I can't walk past it in a yard sale or thrift bin. We must have two dozen forks alone. They're not some special collection, we use them everyday.

This bag had five butter knives/spreaders, six forks, seven spoons, two sugar spoons, a baby spoon, a serving fork and funny little fork I think might be for olives. Let me know if you can identify it!

vintage silver patterns

vintage silver - butter knives

vintage silver - little pieces

vintage silver - sugar spoon handle

new vintage silver - sugar spoon bowl

The woman who sold me the bag told me it had been some of her mother's. Now I hate to speak ill of anyone's mother, but it seems that someone had a habit of slipping some hotel silver into their luggage..... (The last one says "Ramada".)

vintage silver - stolen.

And this.

vintage silver - my spoon

See that little E with a crown? That's so mine.


Amy said...

I LOVE it all.

Kyla said...

Very cool. You should make jewelry out of them. The details are so intricate.

Debi said...

Lovely pieces... I was once given a wind chime made out of old silver. The fork tines were spread out to hold string which held four spoons that had been flattened (a very small hole was drilled in the handle end)and a knife(same hole) was in the middle. It had such a wonderful, melodious sound. Attempting to make a replacement is on my "to do" list for "someday"!

Amanda said...

Fun! Love the pretty patterns.

Jessica said...

That is a great, great, great find!!! I love finding silverware at thrift sales...Keeping a batch of them around keeps me from using plastic utensils.

Karen said...

Yes, I think I will move your way. We could spend our weekend mornings checking out the rummage sales and our weekdays mornings thrifting and and antiquing. Ah, the perfect life....
I'll dream of it.

Jill said...

What fun!!! I love the spoon with designs on the ladle part.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I can you can certainly speak ill of her silver stealing mother!

Lovely collection though.