31 July 2009

spider in the berries


brown eyed susan

butterfly bush


What is this?


Egyptian Onion

I love being my yard this time of year. When everything is so bright and beautiful and alive. And there seems to be surprises under every leaf. New flowers or a hidden pod of blackberries.

It's enough to put a smile on your face all day. Even in the humidity. Even with the loud cars passing by. Even after your two-year old dumps two whole cups of carefully picked berries into the grass and runs his sweet, fat little piggie toes through them. Even then.


laura said...

what a beautiful spider and web, isn't nature wonderful?

affectioknit said...

Lovely garden!!!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. It's great just to wander around outside in the summer. So much beauty to be discovered. :)

Azzy said...

Oh that was a scary first picture. Now I have the heebie jeebies! Terrified of spiders. TERRIFIED!

pixie said...

I love spiders! Weaving their creative magic and splendiferous destinies....:)
I'm in CT until Monday for wedding festivities-wish I had more time! Be back in Sept for Squam Art Workshops-you be there?

Thanks for stopping by the coyote!

Jessica said...

I know...my gardens are suprising me every day!

Karen said...

beautiful pics! you have a knack for that sort of thing! I see I am not the only one not posting every day! six days!!! you must be busy busy busy!

Soon, Then said...

you're lucky I kept on looking with that spider picture as your intro. ;) kidding. They are all lovely!

JennyTheArtist said...

Just gorgeous photos!!