01 June 2009


We have a winner for sew mama sew's giveaway day for the saiboat beach bag and scraps!

Ta da!

winner # 3

Number three! ( I know, out of almost three hundred, it was three. I didn't believe it either.)

But that's good news for Casey of the randomness blog!

Phew, it feels great to be doing something happy like that after a very stressful couple of days at the messy house. We had some scary goings on Sunday morning. (Is this the kind of thing you really blog about?) Someone tried to break into our house. Through our bedroom window. Four feet away from our heads.
Very scary indeed.
But not so scary as someone waking up Paul in the middle of the night, as the guy soon found out.
The thing is, we're all safe and that guy is NOT coming back. It was just an adrenaline-rific mess here for a bit. And the kids slept through the whole thing!

Well, this post took a a somber turn... Enough of that .

If anyone was wondering, I got a ton of great responses to what you like to do in the summertime. Ice cream eating and lemonade drinking seemed to be running neck and neck for favourite thing ever, but swimming won hands down. Lake, river, beach, kiddie pool. It's the fave by far.
Honorable mentions are grilling, gardening, cycling, walking about and not least of all: napping!

Congrats to Casey! Everyone go see her cute blog. I love her header!


Casey said...

thank you so much! I'm so excited!

UK lass in US said...

How scary. I wasn't home when my parent's house was broken into, but it still took a little while before I wasn't checking out every noise when I was there alone.

Allison said...

Um... I must have missed something. I didn't even know you were having a give away. Oh well.

I'm sorry that you almost had your house broken into. I hope you called the cops and gave them a full report. Freaky.

I had my studio apartment broken into (no forced entry - the guy had a key which leads me to believe he was an employee of the apartment complex) years ago when I lived alone. I was sleeping and found the perp looking through my dirty laundry with a flashlight. He fled as soon as he saw me roll over in bed. I moved a week later.