29 May 2009

crappy weather.

this week may have been no good for playing outside. and you certainly weren't going to try to get into that mushy garden, the weeds thank you for that, but it has been just the kind of weather that you don't mind a blanket growing on your lap. So the task of choice has been piecing together the grannies from the granny a day at meet me at mike's.

piecing granny

I admit, I gave up and started putting it together early. But at this rate, I can be snuggled under it by the thirty-first instead of just looking at a pile of squares. With this weather, that's what I want.


Zarah said...

I neeeed to learn to crochet! These blankies are just adorable! :D

Alexis said...

Looks great! I haven't gotten to connecting my grannies yet, and I'm nervous about it!