05 May 2009

I can't get out of the kitchen....

Cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere...
I've had cupcakes on the brain for days,

making cupcakes 2

making cupcakes 3

so I had to get Harry to make some with me.

making cupcakes 1

making cupcakes 4

I got to use my new paste food colours,

making cupcakes 5

and he got to use the sprinkles.

making cupcakes 6

making cupcakes 7

And the neighbors got to eat them.

There. Everyone's happy now.

H making cupcakes

ps - Happy Cinco de Mayo! We have bright plans for the day. Show you all tomorrow!


Amy said...

Those are some fine looking cupcakes!

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too!

Allison said...

Ah, yes. We love to share our overabundance of baked goods with the neighbors as well. After all, the baby weight doesn't come off as fast as it used to!

Karen said...

Nice - it's like cupcake-o-rama at your house! They turn out so beautiful!

e.c said...

I love your cupcakes! They're so friendly and bright!