06 May 2009

cinco de mayo!

( just like everyone is Irish on St Patick's Day...)

Of course it has to be the greyest, nastiest day with no good light for photos and no chance of going outside...

cinco balloons

cinco balloons 2

cinco de mayo streamers

cinco ballons 3

horns and pompoms and crazy straws

rainbow pops

cinco de mayo dinner

We started to make a pinata but Harry lost interest after just a few strips of paper and William just wanted to eat the glue. (which was okay because it was the recipe from The Creative Family.) So mommy made a pinata. Which didn't dry in time. Still isn't dry. Oh well.

But we made do, with balloons and streamers and crazy straws.

Party horns and streamers galore and umbreallas in our drinks.

Salsa music and enchiladas and an impromptu party with all kinds of fmaily at the door.

I'll be more prepared next year and the boys will be bigger and able to craft more. And, hopefully, consume less glue...

1 comment:

Karen said...

You are so totally creative! Your kids will always remember how much effort you put into all you do! Celebrating Cinco? Amazing... (I def. need an invite for some of those enchiladas - they look so yumyumyummy!) While you were being Supper Mommy I was just trying to get the laundry done. :)
Have a great day