12 February 2009

linkies etc.

Heidi's post of her boys' valentines really stuck in my head. And I realized that it's true: not enough valentines have googly eyes. So I had to pick up a bag and that's what I found myself gravitating to for the little (okay, teeny this year) valentine soiree. Here's my efforts.

I hope Kat posts her little smiling piece of cake. It was the cutest and I forgot to take a picture.
Just a few more of the cookie event.

Oh and all the things I would be creating if only there were on more hour in the day. Preferably right between eight and nine pm.
I did manage to get a love garland up, like Katy's, but these are just a few of the projects I had wanted to try:

What a perfect springy centerpiece this would be. Fluffy flowers.
I might have some time for prettied up paperclips.
And there's always time for chocolate covered marshmallows. I have plenty of sprinkles to make them holiday-appropriate.
And a couple of dipped oreos wrapped up pretty would be a great treat for anyone. (Sparkly decorating gel was on sale this week at Joann's.)
Pencil toppers would be nice to find in your lunchbox.
And how about some little red velvet whoopie pie type cookies to go in that box, too?
These little hearts and sweet enough to whip up a whole batch for the little girls you know. Little girls could do it themselves!
But if your idea of a sweet day is sitting back and quietly crafting, Gina has a super cute little floral heart. The second to last one in the post.


-Tee- said...

I got the valentine in the mail today... hehe. Thank you! It definitely made me smile :o)

It's funny, we had plans to make some dipped marshmallows and oreos this weekend, for our low cost, stay at home with the kids valentines day! lol. Great minds think alike.

quiltinlikecrazy said...

You're in!:) Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE your valentines!! Great job. How very fun. I wish that I liked to do crafty stuff like that. Love the picture of the little hands helping!!:) Have a great day. Heather

Michelle Sybert said...

thank you for the mention! I am loving your blog!

Jessica said...

Those valentines are too sweet--I need to get my heart shaped cookie cutter out pronto!

affectioknit said...

Those Valentines are adorable!

edward and lilly said...

Ooooh, the googly eye valentine's are too cute for words!

heather said...

i was wondering if i could get your address. i have your pay it forward done. you can email it to me. i think i have my email showing on my profile. if no let me know. thanks!

randi said...

Cute valentines! You can't go wrong with googly eyes!