18 January 2009

yes, I know it's the eighteenth.

I know Christmas is long over, even the Epiphany, but here's a nice little thing to do if you still have any cookies around undermining your resolutions.

We drilled/poked holes with chopped sticks and strung them up into an edible birdie garland!

I suppose you can just do this anytime there are stale cookies around.

But how often to cookies really last long enough to get stale in your house?
*Also, has everyone heard about the Scrapdown over at sycamore stirrings? Sounds like a great stash-buster. And inspiration to make something quick and cute. Go See.*


Jessica said...

That is a great idea---I'm sure the birds will like the biscotti that is tempting me as much as I do!

Alexis said...

Cute! I think that the super-aggressive squirrels around here would get to them first, though.

Amy said...

I'm with Alexis - our NYS squirrels are feisty!

LOVE that scrapbusting project - think I just might have to join in. Thanks for the head's up.

amandajean said...

your solution for leftover and stale cookies is genius! i love it!!!

Anne said...

This is such a great idea.